Today there is plenty of coffee machines to choose in order to create the best tasting coffee ever prepared. There is no other reason to purchase a new coffee machine than for delivering to your friends the best quality coffee beverages that are based in ground espresso coffee which can be combined with milk and froth at many proportions.


The capsule coffee machines


These are the most popular coffee machines that you can possibly find in the worldwide market. They are working by warming up the water in their boiler and passing it through the coffee mass which is held in a special capsule that is usually disposable. This capsule makes it easy to insert the right portion of espresso coffee for the beverage you are asking for without any spills.


In addition, this type of coffee machine can easily prepare the right amount of tasting coffee since it has an automated program to calculate the exact time the boiling water needs to be passing though the filter. This is the function offering the best aroma experience to the espresso lovers.


Not to mention that the bar pressure of the espresso maker is of crucial importance for the quality of the coffee brewing. The boiling water needs to reach the perfect temperature for the brewing to become more intense and have the exclusive cream and aroma coming out of it.


The open filter coffee machines


They used to be the first home coffee machines to date. They were combining regular filter coffee as well as espresso coffee in one machine. This gave a lot of independence to the user since he didn’t need to possess two different appliances for the same job. The great drawback of these machines has been the handmade type of espresso coffee replenishing since there was no direct connection to the coffee feed.


This created a great uncertainty about the amount of ground coffee needed to brew the highest quality beverages. And many times, the coffee produced by these machines was too strong or too light due to the necessity of expertise to the users of this machine. Not to mention, that the water tank was not so big enough like the modern coffee machines and you were obliged to refill with water regularly if you wanted to enjoy the best quality coffee for you and your companion.


The open filter coffee machines also had a great problem with boiling water pressure. These machines did not produce such a big pressure when passing the water to the pump and the espresso made was a little dull from times to times. This lack of consistency has made the open filter machines almost extinct from the world marker.


They are significantly more affordable than the capsule coffee machines, but the cost is also anticipated by the great difference on the amount of coffee used which can be better controlled with capsules.


The quality of coffee in modern house coffee machines


There is no need to buy an expensive coffee machine to produce the highest quality coffee that you find only in professional stores and restaurants. The small coffee machines that are available for home use, are smart enough to give you extensive taste since they are introducing a smart way to regulate the amount of water passed trough the coffee filter. This is done automatically by the front panel and there is also the possibility to prepare more than one cup of coffee in the same time.


The filter coffee can be passed trough the purifier and become the most highly sophisticated beverage that you have ever enjoyed. The espresso coffee is also one of a kind since it used all the pressure provided by the pump to give the right temperature to the boiling water and let the steam pass through the mass of the ground coffee. This creates a natural espresso grinding method that has pleased all the professional using that type of coffee makers.




You may certainly invest some serious money in buying a brand-new coffee maker for house use. Most of the brands are creating quality machines that can last for long and provide a stable quality of blended coffee either you like filter coffee or espresso.


The secret for a good espresso remains the clean machine and the best quality of water filters that give you only the clearest water for coffee brewing. Also, the capsule models are always using the highest quality ground coffee which is also protected from oxidation since it keeps it sealed inside before use.


Your daily habit of drinking coffee can become a real joy when you are using the highest quality coffee machines. The price is not always the right index for the quality assurance and you have to be extra careful to the type of coffee you usually brew.


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