If you want to go out outdoors and spend some time in the sun or simply want to go out hitchhiking in shorts and sleeveless tees, and fear that you might be bitten by bugs or other insects, your fear might not be unjustified. However, there is no reason for you to fret as healing these bug bites are also easy.

Sure, these bites can be quite painful and uncomfortable sometimes, but you do not need medical treatment for all of them. In fact, you can cure some of these ailments with natural treatments and home-made remedies, with lower costs and minimum hassle.

Natural treatments like solutions made from essential oils help treat bug bites. These oils have many antimicrobial and many antiseptic properties that help to reduce the itchiness, irritation, swelling, redness and pain and that are associated with bug bites.

These oils, through their anti-inflammatory properties help to quickly break down the toxins that are present in the bug bite and render the bite harmless in minutes, thereby speeding up the process of recovery. They also reduce the chances of further infections and prevent you from having to take expensive, over-the-counter drugs.

Bug bites cause inflammation, redness and mild pain and can be easily alleviated by using natural essential oils. Use pure and adulterated natural essential oils to treat bug bites.

This article will list out some oils that can be successfully used to handle bug bites:

Eucalyptus essential oil is naturally antiseptic, and has many antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Thus, it reduces further swelling or redness and helps to guard against further infections. Eucalyptus essential oils help in reducing the pain caused by bug bites, especially when a large number of bugs have bitten you.

Lavender essential oil has many calming and relaxing properties that work like a charm. Use lavender essential oil on your skin to repel bugs and to prevent them from biting you in the first place. Dilute a few drops of lavender oil in a carrier oil to soothing the area that is affected by bug bites. This will make the affected area heal faster and with less scarring, and you will experience a soothing sensation during the entire process.

Tea Tree oils help to keep your skin healthy, well-nourished, soft, supple, glowing and also naturally strengthens your immune system. Thus, they are great for bug bites. Use unadulterated tea tree oil in sufficient quantities so that they are the most effective.

Rather than using synthetic compounds that have artificial elements in them, simply use tea tree oils that are processed naturally and have a longer shelf-life.

Tea tree oil has many antimicrobial and antibacterial properties and thus, helps in drastically reducing stinging, itching and inflammation caused by bug bites, even from ones that are dangerous.

Simply make an insect repellent oil with ten drops of tea tree essential oil, some lavender and witch hazel oil. Then, dilute this solution half a cup of water. Apply this solution on the affected areas for effective treatment.

Rosemary essential oil also helps you to cope with the pain from severe bug bites. It makes the scars heal faster, thereby taking yours skin back to normal. Dilute a few drops of rosemary oil in some water and apply it on the skin to avoid irritation, a burning sensation or the redness.

Peppermint oil helps in reducing the itching and stings from bug bites. Simply mix some peppermint oil with a few drops of light carrier oil like olive oil and you will feel a cool sensation all over the affected spot. By acting as a cooling agent, peppermint oil also calms down your mind, energizes your spirit and helps you to feel less anxious.

Camphor oil is also famous for its many antiseptic, anesthetic, and anti-inflammatory properties. By acting as a powerful insecticide, it helps to repel various kinds of poisonous bugs. However, camphor oil is potent so use it with caution. The nice smell of this oil will also help you to calm down and reduce further anxieties.

Chamomile essential oil greatly alleviates the physical pain that accompanies a painful bug or spider bite. This oil has anti-inflammatory properties which stops the itching at once, and soothes all the burning and skin irritation that you might experience immediately afterward a bug bite. Researchers postulate that chamomile treatments twice daily helps in speeding up the healing process of lesions, and also help in drastically reducing other wounds and scars.

Lemongrass essential oil largely reduces the risks of getting an insect-borne disease in the first place, thus use it on the exposed areas of your skin before you go outdoors. It enhances your mood, relaxes your muscles and helps them feel better, and relieves you of severe headaches that are caused due to the emotional distress caused by bug bites.

Basil essential oil is also very helpful in curing bug bites. Make sure that you dilute the oil in a lighter carrier oil before you apply it to the wound. This will make the inflammation go away in a jiffy.

Thyme essential oil makes an essential oil for bug bites because of its many potent antiseptic properties. The thymol that is present in thyme essential oil helps to soothe the itchiness very quickly.

The redness and pain will also vanish and you will be left with a blemish-free skin. Blend a few drops each of thyme and eucalyptus essential oil together and apply it to the affected areas for best results until the scars have completely disappeared.

This is much better than using costly over-the-counter drugs that might have many harmful side-effects and exacerbate the situation ever more than what it was before.

Thus, if you can try out the benefits of all these essential oils, you will be able to put up a very effective fight against all kinds of bug bites. Make sure that you take necessary measures before venturing out into the open so that you are adequately prepared.

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