Are you looking for some place where you can watch inception movie in hd result with fast live streaming then you are at right place. Here we try to bring some classic movies with unique story and popular background. We try to focus on something that is unique and have some unsolved strings in for its viewers. If you talk about such movie then you cannot ignore the fantastic sci fi movie Inception. This movie is based on a very unique idea of stealing dreams from some popular minds. The plot theme of this movie is very unique and take viewers to an inception like situation. Graphics used in this film involve flipping the downside of earth to top or viewing multiple views of same side.  Actually it is very hard to explain without knowing the complete story of movie. So lets start with a short summary of movie.

Plot Story

The hero if film is associated with some organization which is involved in some kind of mind security. He plays with subconscious of people to steal or inject ideas in people mind using a special technology. A Japanese businessman hire the hero for a special job and settles deal by removing some hurdle which is preventing the hero to go to his home. He accepts this impossible job. The job assigned was to add an idea in members of a business family to dissolve the business which will ultimately beneficiary for the Japanese person who hired the agency for this job. The hero also attach a new internee with his job to help him out. Incomplete story the hero and the new female internee go through from different hurdles and difficulties to get the job done.

I found the story idea of this movie very unique and impressive. Its not easy to understand however sometimes complex things become more interesting. The same case is with the story of this movie. It grows complex and complex and at the climax all the mysteries get solved. Another thing which urgue me to write for this movie is that you will learn a lot of things about subconscious part of human brain. You will see that how deep and how capable our mind is or at least capable enough to write such an extra ordinary movie story. I hope that you will enjoy this movie and will let me know about your thoughts in comments section.


Movie Cast and Team

The movie was directed and produced by Christopher Nolan and Emma Thomas. Stars casts are Leonardo DiCaprio, Ken Watanabe, Ellen Page and more.


Where to Watch Inception Online Free

If you are looking to watch inception online for free then there are many websites like netflix. You can also find several free sites as well to watch inception free online because netflix requires monthly membership. On free sites you might not find good quality result so i must recommend you to go for paid subscription However if you just want to see the normal quality then you can check the top of this article.

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