Getting new tiles installed?

Even better, are you tile installer yourself?

If yes, consider buying one of the best tile leveling system kit. It’s a highly useful tool that gets the job done.

How so? Keep reading to find out!


Product Usage and Purpose.

When installing tiles, there’s always one rule to remember…

That is, the final look MUST BE flat.

A non-flat finish is unacceptable. An uneven elevation is a sure sign of a job horribly done…

And this usually comes from inexperienced installers. Or, it’ll sometimes happen when home owners attempt DIY jobs.


How a Tile Leveling System Works.

It’s a kit of tools you use to keep track of tile elevations.

It takes the tracking process off your mind. And it ensures that tiles don’t shift elevations from pressure as you install them.


Easy to Use.

That’s right. It’s not complex to use a tile leveling system.

A basic tile leveling system is a set of ‘wedges’ and ‘clips’ that keep your tiles in check. And learning to use one doesn’t take more than a few minutes.

This makes them suitable for businesses, and home owners alike!


Things to Know While Buying.

While the basic kits use spacers, some avoid those entirely. And for an important reason…


Grout Line Issues.

When you’re done with a tile leveling system, you’re supposed to break the clips.

That’s the only way to remove them.

However, a clip might not break all the way. So parts of it pop up from your tile, making your floor look bad.

You can solve this problem by getting a quality kit, where clips are snapped off easily…

Or you can try…


Alternative Models.

You can get a spindle-based tile leveling system.

Pliers or a drill might be all you need to remove those. And they work similar to the ‘spacre + wedge’ models…

However, they’re more expensive than normal.


So What Do I Pick?

It depends.

If you’re a business, you don’t want to pay for the tile leveling system out of pocket. After all, each one costs hundreds of dollars…

So you’ll need to consult the client with regards to those.

As a private consumer, pick what you can use easily. Because in the end, convenience matters.


However, you’ll need some product comparison first.

You’ll need to look at different kits on the market. And this is something we’ll help you with.

So below are the top 5 kits for 2019 based on best tile leveling system reviews available on amazon!


#1 – Raimondi Starter Kit.

Our first item is a $70 kit.

It’s made by Raimondi Tools USA. This company specializes in all there is to tile installation equipment.

This kit is part of their collection. It comes with 100 clips and 100 wedges, for a total of 200 pieces.

It’s also one of the best for DIY users (with 60+ reviews, and an 82% rating).


About the Product.

This set comes with its own set of pliers. And you can use those to push in the spacers.

So they’re very convenient for use by inexperienced folk.

However, do note that the clips that come are quite thin. So they don’t work with very heavy tiles (or larger ones).

Just be sure you use those for thinner tiles. Also, be sure to handle the clips gently!



  • Kit costs $70.
  • 100 clips + 100 wedges.
  • Comes with pliers.
  • Clip thickness 1/16.
  • Inexpensive (compared to other kits).
  • Easy to use.
  • You can buy the parts separately (clips, wedges, etc.)

  • Clips are too thin (snap easily).
  • A struggle to use with larger tile slabs.

#2 – Perfect Level Master T-Lock.

This is a Raimondi competitor. And it has its own set of pros and cons.

Starting with rating, this kit has 15+ reviews with an 88% rating. So it’s seen more favorably (on average) than the Raimondi system.


About the Product.

Here, the kit’s priced at $81, so it’s more expensive. However, you get 300 clips, and 100 wedges!

That’s almost double the pieces of the Raimondi kit!

And the additional clip count helps. It lets you expand the range of your tile installation project, per kit.

Also, if you’re worried about the low wedge count, then understand that they’re recyclable.

Only the clips (which are broken off) compromise most of a kit’s value.

But do note that this kit has 1 drawback. That is, it doesn’t come with a pair of pliers.

So pushing the clips into the tile can be a painful experience. And that might force you to buy new tile pliers (about $20 – $40).



  • Kit costs $81.
  • 300 clips + 100 wedges.
  • No pliers.
  • Clip thickness 1/32.
  • More clips for price tag.
  • Complaint with EU standards.
  • Effective for wider projects.

  • Clips super thin (1/32) – but leave less grout room.
  • Lacks pliers, easily pushing full kit costs to $100+.

#3 – Peygran Tile Leveling System.

Maybe you don’t want small clips. Maybe you need thicker ones for larger slabs.

If that’s the case, try the Peygran brand!

This product has almost 20 reviews, with a 92% rating. So it’s seen quite favorably in the market.


About the Product.

The clips in this kit are 1/8 thickness. So they work with 3mm grout lines.

This is very large by industry standards. And it make this kit the best for tile installation in commercial areas.

However, do note that this kit is quite expensive. It costs $155.

And yet, we believe it’s worth the price. After all, it comes with 400 clips and 200 wedges!

This kit is of superior quality. And it’s one of the best on our list!



  • Kit costs $155.
  • 400 clips + 200 wedges.
  • Comes with pliers.
  • Clip thickness 1/8.
  • Durable clips – top quality.
  • Excellent for large slabs.
  • Pliers mean no extra expenditures required.
  • Excellent kit for professionals.

  • Expensive.

Being expensive, this kit isn’t the best for changing tiles in a single room. It works more for full home remakes.

Just keep that in mind if you’re a DIY user!


#4 – ATR Tool Bag (Pro 800).

Remember the two types of kits we mentioned?

One was the basic set, which used clips. This kit is the second type, which uses spindles.

It’s not highly reviewed, with barely 2 reviews on Amazon. And it has an 84% rating, which is satisfactory.


About the Product.

It’s the most expensive on this list, costing $350.

So it’s not for the DIY consumer. This kit is designed for professionals who don’t like using clip kits.

The $350 kit gives you 800 spindles (similar to 800 wedges/clips). And it’s your best bet for easy removal.

There’s also the $500 kit, which gives you 1200. But we’re sure you won’t need that many…

Why? Because the spindles are metal, so you can use them over and over.

And this makes them they’re recyclable!



  • Kit costs $350-$500.
  • 800 – 1200 spindles based on kit chosen.
  • 10mm sockets.
  • Spindles 1/8 or 3/32.
  • No tools required (so no special pliers).
  • Spindles are recyclable (which is best for cost-saving businesses).
  • Suitable for massive scale projects.
  • Leaves clean grout lines.

  • Not for DIY users.
  • Not easy to use.
  • Tough on hands and fingers.

#5 – Goldbatt Level Set.

Our last item is a unique one.

This is an old school level set, which uses vials for measuring elevation.

And at an 80% rating (and 140+ reviews), it’s an option worth considering!


About the Product.

Not all tile installations require an extensive tile leveling system.

Sometimes, simplicity works best. And especially if the projects you do are small scale (like a bathroom floor).

With this kit, you get a kit of 3 meters, at $70 total.

However, you can cut the costs, by buying each meter separately (the longest being $35).

And unlike most previous options, you can use those indefinitely. And this makes it a vital item in any home construction kit!



  • 1-3 different meters.
  • Longest costs $35 (48 inches).
  • Medium and short cost $25 each (24 and 9 inches).
  • Central magnified vials.
  • Extremely easy to use.
  • Double view for easy handling.
  • Easy to store, usable indefinitely.

  • Not for large scale tile projects.
  • Exhausting to use for constant level checks.


Final Word.

Take the time to review the previous products.

Some products are foe pros, others are for DIY jobs. Read through each, and buy what suits your purpose!

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