Does your home have a magnetic screen door?

If it doesn’t, consider buying one.

It’s a useful upgrade for any home. And it adds protection that makes home life more convenient.


Product Usage and Purpose.

Magnetic screen doors are a bug repellant mechanism.

They ensure that insects don’t enter your home. And this is vital, especially if you live where many bugs exist…

By this, we mean hot and humid areas.

There, you probably suffer from mosquitos, spiders, and endless flies.

But with a magnetic door screen you keep your home pest free.

Fresh Air.

Add to that they’re sewn for air circulation.

With the best magnetic screen door, you don’t just get a blank slate that repels bugs. You get a “metallic sewn” frame that lets in air too!

So you hit two birds with one stone. No bugs come in, and stuffy air goes out!


Can Be Used When Travelling.

They’re easy to install and remove. So they work on all kinds of doors.

So if you’re travelling for a summer/beach vacation, you can take one with you.

In fact, you can take one with you on camping trips!

And if you think about it, this makes sense. After all, camping tents and trailers do get stuffy. And you need good air coming in…

Yet, you don’t want insects crawling over your sleeping bag!

So a magnetic screen door helps. It keeps you safe, and it ensures you don’t need to get a bug terminator for camping equipment!



Do note that they don’t work for all homes.

Apartments for example can’t use them. But houses (with a private yard) can.

So make sure you take your home’s surrounding into account when looking for one.


Things to Know While Buying.

No 2 screen doors are the same.

They differ in quality and manufacturer specifications.

Some are more durable, and others are less. Also, some have dimensions that work for your doors, and others do not.

So you need to look at more than 1 product.


Also – It’s Not a Frequent Purchase.

You only buy a magnet screen door every few years.

So when buying one, you’ve got to get it right the first time.

And this means going through a meticulous comparison process…

This is something we’ll help you with. Below are 5 magnetic screen doors you can buy.

Compare each, and buy the best for you!


#1 – MAGZO Shops Screen Door.

One of the best brands for home protection installations.

It has an 88% rating, with 570+ reviews on Amazon.


About Product.

MAGZO sells anything from screen doors, to sears and mesh products.

It’s one of the internet’s most trusted home brands. And when it comes to magnetic screen doors, it’s highly rated.

This steel door will last you long. It’s dense and high quality. It’s made of heavy mesh, and is resistant to long-term wear.

Additionally, the mesh door has a special hook & loop lock, designed for wind resistance. So if the area you live in is stormy, you’ll never worry about this door flying off!



  • Lengths range from 83-96 inches.
  • Widths range from 32-48 inches.
  • 5 years of servicing.
  • Easy installation (a few minutes required).
  • Highly rated and trusted brand.
  • Provides durable mesh.
  • Provides wind resistance.
  • Resistant to corrosions and fires.
  • Many magnet screen door dimensions to choose from.

  • Magnets slightly weaker than other brands.

#2 – TheFitLife Magnetic Screen Door.

With an 84% rating, this product has 170+ reviews.


About Product.

TheFitLife brand is an interesting one. Because it doesn’t just sell screen doors…

It also sells products for hiking, camping, and noise reduction. And do that mix some exercise equipment.

As for the door, while it isn’t as popular as MAGZO, it’s still an excellent product.

In fact, you get more dimension options (check specifications below). So they actually work for double doors too – specifically in backyards and balconies!

Also, that range of options comes with different price tags.

And as a deal breaker, you get a 6 months replacement guarantee on the product. If anything, it’s a testament of quality!



  • Lengths from 80-82 inches.
  • Widths from 36-74 inches.
  • Prices from $18-$30 (depending on dimensions).
  • 180 day replacement guarantee.
  • Works for single and double doors.
  • Pet and child adaptable.
  • 180 day guarantee.
  • Stain resistance.
  • Thick screen.

  • Again – magnets lack in strength.
  • Lacking in wind resistance.
  • Lacks thermal resistance.

Note this product’s main drawbacks…

First, it lacks wind resistance. So magnets don’t automatically close together again…

And second, it lacks thermal resistance. There have been complaints about the Velcro melting from direct sunlight.

So don’t put this screen door in a place that’s exposed to direct heat, or wind!


#3 – IKSTAR Magnetic Door.

By now, you’re probably looking for a screen door with strong magnets.

This product resolves this problem. With 260+ reviews and an 82% rating, it’s an option consider.


About Product.

IKSTAR specializes in all there is to door protection.

And this doesn’t include screen doors only. It includes curtains too!

This magnetic door screen is also one of the more affordable options. It’s anywhere from $14-$19, which is a different price range from the previous options!



  • Widths from 36-46 inches.
  • Lengths from 82-98 inches.
  • EVA Thermal Insulation.
  • Extremely cheap.
  • Works for tall doors.
  • Strong magnets.

  • Mesh isn’t strong.
  • Doesn’t work outdoors.
  • Doesn’t work for double doors.


The magnets here are extremely strong. So they close back automatically after moving through them.

And this is vital, especially if you have pets or children running around, as it allows better mobility.

This mesh door’s maximum dimensions are 39×99 inches. So it fits very tall but not wide doors.

Thus, it works well for home doors, and specifically in ones with high roofs.

#4 – MAGZO Thermal Door.

Back to MAGZO again. They’re a good brand after all, and this is another variation of their lineup.

Rated at 80% with 100+ reviewers, this product deserves a mention.


About Product.

Like the first option, it shares many design similarities. One being the length and width variations you can get.

The length range is anywhere from 80-96 inches. The width range is from 32-72 inches. So again, it works for double doors. Not to mention, this product is highly adjustable.

Its installation is easy. And it solves many of the problems that the previous options have.

For example, it has stronger magnets. And it even has magnetic strips for an added sealing effect.

As for pricing, it’s quite affordable. The different sizes are within the $20 range, which is good for what it offers!



  • Widths from 32-72 inches.
  • Lengths from 80-96 inches.
  • 12 magnetic strips, and 14 strong magnets.
  • Works for double doors.
  • Heat resistant
  • Preserves room temperature.
  • Strong and long-lasting magnet.
  • Very strong Velcro.

  • Thin mesh design for durability (but rips from Velcro fast).

#5 – MKicesky Upgraded Magnetic Door.

We saved the best for last. Rated at 90%, this product has over 160 reviews.


About the Product.

Priced at $35, this screen door is on the higher end of the price range.

However, it’s a quality item. The door screens are sturdy, and made of fiberglass (much stronger than polyester screens).

The magnets are strong too, able to handle the sturdy fiberglass.

It’s designed to work with double doors, with maximum dimensions of 72×80 inches.



  • Priced at $35.
  • 72 (width) x 80 (length) inches.
  • Fiberglass design (10x stronger than polyester).
  • Black screen color.
  • Weight is less than 2 pounds.
  • Extremely durable mesh.
  • Extremely durable Velcro frame (reinforced).
  • Good sunlight blocking capabilities.
  • Powerful magnets.
  • Easy Installation.

  • Too strong – might lack flexibility for moving in and out.

Final Tip.

It’s time to start shopping for your magnetic screen doors.

The products we mentioned here are organized where the best is mentioned last.

However, this doesn’t mean you should ignore all other options. Because some products are more affordable, with better guarantees and unique advantages.

So before buying a product, visit the links posted. And check out the user experience of each!

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