When kratom becomes the purpose for the lifting becomes much easier along with the gym and cardio.  Just as kratom helps to reduce the uncomfortable strain you put on your body it also treat the pain. This practice can help one to extract out one or two more extra rep, or may end up running extra 5 to 10 minutes in the treadmill. Although this can’t be concluded as a very major improvement, but it will definitely help in the long run.

Having the super positive mood can still be the best part. This effects mixed with the natural endorphins released from working out is an amazing feeling.

First off- best strain or ideal dosage for kratom working out are both the only purposes mainly. So if you just know nothing about the kratom and here to learn something, then here is a beginner’s guide to kratom to get you familiar with it.

Kratom side effects

While it doesn’t tend to cause any serious concern for majority, also contradictory there are who believe that it can after long-term use, significantly shut down testosterone. As mentioned earlier, it is vital to avoid using kratom irrationally. When you’re using it too much or in large quantities then all of the cons that come with kratom usage tend to become a problem.

According to a poster, kratom helps him to shape his sex appeal while he was taking it twice a day being power lifter.

He further added that he was in very touch with his body and kratom barely could affect his testosterone levels but also cause some side effects that it does screw the HPTA feedback mechanism, but not to great extent.

According to him If sleep heavy, eat heavy and you lift heavy, then you will probably gain heavy. 


Dosage involved

Prior to the gym can be the best time to consume kratom in either a small or medium dose. a small is usually 2-3 grams and a medium is around 4-5 grams in case if you don’t know how much a small or medium dose is.  As the kratom is sensitivity and tolerance is different with every single individual to individual so the size of dose varies a lot. So according to your body type and metabolism you can easily figure the amount of the kratom by experimenting and finding out most suitable dose. Also you can try to consume kratom just 30 minutes before you can begin your workout session.

Strain type

Usually a moderate type of the strain is used for the gym. Some like the slower strain since it reduces maximum strain from exercising, while faster ones give them more energy. So the best option can be to try all of them so according to your body type and metabolism you can easily figure the type of the kratom by experimenting and finding out most form.


Using the right dosage with the right strain is also the trickiest part.  Once inappropriate dosage is consumed can make one euphoric or lazy and on the other side lightheaded also. Best way to get fit into with a small amount of dose first, with gradually adjusting the dose according to your body type and metabolism you can easily figure the amount of the kratom by experimenting and finding out most suitable dose. It may not be beneficial to everyone’s workouts, but it is worth a shot.

Kratom does dehydrate you to some degree and this is other thing like coffee so you will always have to make sure you drink enough amount of the water while consuming the kratom.

More about working out with kratom

Kratom may help to boost performance and also physically active people to improve their exercise regimens this will be explored through the sundry ways.



Kratom is something that is considered and very popular among the fitness models to lift more and survive some extra time in the gym.

Kratom is however also used pre workout for some Individuals. It tends to boost energy and sideways it has caused side effects in some.

Kratom when used irrationally tends to cause more damage to your body. That’s why special care is taken because the effect elicit is completely dose dependent.

So when you take kratom it doesn’t necessarily will benefit you in the same way as it does to another individual, this is so because every person has different response due to difference in the physiology, to a herb or medicine and so is the end effect

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