A restless and rough night sleep could take place in the consequences of using the deflated air mattress. You do not need to throw away your mattress when it gets a leak because finding and patching a leaky air mattress is easy.

You are worried about how it is possible to have leakage into an air mattress because you bought the right fit from the list of the best air mattress. Just like other mattresses, the air mattresses also have a limitation to their quality.

By reading this article, you will know about different ways of patching your air mattress at home with household objects and a cheap patch kit.

Following are the ways of patching a leak of an air mattress

You need to know that all air mattresses lose air naturally


You don’t need to search for the holes into the mattress because know that no air mattress holds air indefinitely. All the air mattresses are designed with the natural re-inflation system. You will find your mattress naturally re-inflatable either you do not have a leak in your mattress.


  • For instance, cold air will have a shrinking effect on your mattress. As the house cools down at night, your air mattress will get a little bit to soften as the air gets cool. If you have a space heater by the mattress then it will prevent this problem.


  • After buying your air mattresses, you need to stretch it before using it. The first few times, if they feel soft shortly after you inflate them then there is no need to be alarmed. All the air mattresses are designed to quickly adapt the air pressure.


Fully inflate the air mattress


After opening your mattress, first of all, you need to fully inflate your air mattress.  If with the passage several minutes, it is severely deflated, then it will surely have a leak.


Sit on the mattress after you blow it up – it should not sink more than 1-2 inches under your weight.


  • Leave your mattress inflated overnight and put weight on it for testing either your mattress is leaked or not. You can put several textbooks on it. The textbooks have enough weight for testing its deflation. In case, by putting several books, if it is more than a little deflated in the morning, you have a leak.


  • The second way of testing leakage, you need to keep the mattress inflated as you search for the leak. If you feel the mattress becoming soft, re-inflate it before you start searching again. The higher the air pressure inside the mattress will result in more forceful the leakage of air. In this way, the hole or leakage will be easier to notice.



After finding out the leak, circle the leak with a pen


Don’t let your mattress fully deflated if you find it leaked. Because, when the mattress is deflated it will be nearly impossible to find the leak again. You will need to mark a circle where the leak is so that you can easily repair it.


  • If you used the soapy water method for finding the leaking area then use a towel to quickly dry the area near the leak and mark it.


Buy a patch kit


Almost every outdoor store will have the patching kit in the camping section. They are in small packaging and available at cheap prices. These patching kits contain glue, sandpaper, and patches for tents, bike tires, and air mattresses.


A tire patch will work fine for a smaller leaking area.


  • Some companies have dedicated air mattress repair kits that you will find at online shopping sites
  • Make sure that the patch kit works on plastic. If it works fine on plastic, then it will also work on your air mattress







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