Scientific studies have proven that those who own gardens or trees often have better mental and physical health than those in the home. The beautiful green pots not only bring colorful, interior decoration, but also help people become relaxed and comfortable.


However, owning a garden often requires a lot of care and cleaning. In the hot season, you will always have to keep an eye on each potted plant and provide enough water for them. The rainy season also becomes an equally great challenge when it is awake in the morning and your garden has flooded or flooded weeds. Therefore, we will summarize useful and useful tips to help you clean and keep your garden clean even when the rainy season is approaching!


  1. Cut the grass and clean the garden

In order for your garden to always be clean and free of harmful insects, you should regularly cut grass and collect leaves. This will keep your garden from getting wet during the rainy season. For convenience, you should use a battery powered lawn mower combined with leaf blower.

  1. Know the properties of each tree

Each kind of bonsai has its own unique characteristics and environment. Therefore, to catch the rainy season approaching, do not hesitate to get rid of the hydrophobic plants and try to clear the space so that sunlight can heat the whole garden. In order to have a garden design that has the maximum aesthetics, it is both scientific and smart, you need to understand each type of plants in your garden.

  1. Trim the bonsai periodically

In the rainy season, thanks to sufficient moisture and water supply, some plants will grow very quickly. Periodically pruning trees weekly will keep your garden clear, neat and avoid the high canopy trees encroaching each other’s space or shading the sunshine of low-level trees.


  1. Set up support for climbing plants

Vines often grow very fast in the rainy season but are also easy to deviate from the garden space. A simple rack or a trellis made of bamboo or wood is a necessary accessory to keep the creeper creeping in the direction you want and protect the tree from being rained or crushed by heavy rain. Look at the picture with this amazing climbing rope! This accessory can even become a great exterior decoration for your porch.


  1. Minimalist furniture in the garden

Relaxing on a vintage-style chair or a soft sofa is fun, but in the rainy season, temporarily leave this little joy if you don’t want to scrub and clean every day. They or your favorite set of chairs will become scaly after only the first few weeks of July.


  1. Make use of plant pots

To avoid the unfortunate case of precious bonsai pots can be flooded, sunny or full of weeds, take advantage of all kinds of pots and can hang them high. DIY stores sell a full range of accessories so that you can make your own hanging pots or sell some of the plastic pots that hang quite gently and conveniently. If you are worried that the garden will not be as beautiful as before, look at this picture! Or you can refer to samples of roofs for gardens that are both beautiful and convenient and have space for new plant pots.


  1. Open the drainage line

A large amount of unexpected rain water can turn your hard work during the months of pouring rivers. Instead of worrying, make a separate drainage channel for the whole garden to make sure the flooded water can be drained quickly.

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