Air purifiers can be found in many homes, especially now that so many companies offer affordable options. Your air purifier is essential to keeping the air in your home breathable. Essential in fact if you have allergies. But air purifiers aren’t magic. In order for an air purifier for smoke to continue to produce clean air, it needs to have a clean filter.

Today we are going to cover how to clean your air purifier. That being said, it is important to keep in mind that air purifiers come in a large variety of specifications. With that, filters can vary in size, shape, and design. So we are going to look at the generic cleaning of an air purifier.

Remove The Air Filter

Make sure that the air purifier is both off and unplugged. Start by removing the air filter from the purifier. A quick glance will only be able to tell you if the air filter is extremely dirty. For cleaning, we recommend that you set it onto a cloth or other area to hold it while you complete the next steps.

Clean The Exterior of The Air Purifier

Use a vacuum cleaner to suction out dust, debris, and other material. Use the hose to get everything you can from the inside out. Be careful not to damage any parts of the air purifier.

Take a damp cloth and wipe down the exterior of the air purifier. Make sure to get in between the blades of the purifier to remove any build up. You may need to rinse the cloth off several times, depending on how much buildup is present. Make sure to not use an over wet cloth.

For Single Use Air Filters

Not all air filters can be cleaned. When you have a single use air filter you will want to order the replacement filter before you start the cleaning process. An air purifier cannot operate without a filter.

While you might not be able to clean single-use air filters, you can spray them out with a keyboard cleaning air cartridge. You can also gently wipe down the air filter with a dry cloth. This will not make your air filter like new, it will just buy you a very short amount of time.

For Cleanable Air Filters

Most cleanable air filters come with directions on how to clean the filter. Read those directions to get the specific directions for that model. For the most part, though, many of the air filters share similar cleaning directions.

Start by tapping off waste and debris from the air filter into a trash can. We recommend ensuring that the whole filter is over the trash can as the debris may blow, similar to empty your vacuum cleaner container. After you have tapped off most of the debris, lightly vacuum the filter off.

You will also need to wash the filter. Fill a sink or basin with warm water. Submerge the filter in the water and gently scrub it with your fingers. Don’t use a scrub brush or push too hard as this can damage the filter. By the time you have vacuumed and washed the filter, it should return to something close to the original white color of the filter.

You May Not Be Able To Save Your Filter

While some air filters can be cleaned, they don’t last forever. This is especially true in areas where there is a lot of pollution or debris in the air. Heavy pollen can also wear out the filter quicker. When you are not able to get your filter to come close to the original white color, even after a thorough cleaning, it is time to look into getting a new filter.

If there are holes in the filter or the filter is fraying, you need to get a new filter. Damaged filters are no longer able to produce the same results that you need. A HEPA filter can’t catch particles with holes larger than the intended size.

Air purifiers do an amazing job at keeping your home clean. They can make a big difference in helping you to live a healthy life. Just make sure that you clean your air filter regularly. Most filters should be cleaned every two months. Sometimes more regularly in areas where your air purifier needs to work hard.

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