You cannot negate the fact that the flooring of your home or workplace is an important and basic factor that shouldn’t be taken as trivial since it is an avenue to portray your style and taste.

When you visit homes or offices with good wood flooring, it is natural for you to mesmerized by how alluring and inviting they look. Flooring made with good wood materials will not only beautify your home; it will continually make you love walking on it.

With different kinds of wood materials available on the market, it might be a herculean task to choose the one that will perfectly suit your needs and desires. In this post, I am going to show you how to choose the right wood to make your flooring as well as some important factors to consider to make a perfect choice.  Now, let’s get right down to business.


Factors to Consider When Choosing Woods for Your Floor

The Room You Are Flooring

If you want to choose wooden flooring, then you need to really consider your room. The type and size of wood you will choose will be determined by the function of the room and the room size. If you desire to make your room or office to look bigger than it actually is, choose woods with lighter colors and a narrow-width board. If you want to make your big room or office look comfortable and warmer, select woods with darker colors and wider board. Following this instruction will make your room or office look more beautiful, and feel welcoming and warmer.

Sometimes you might be conflicted on whether you should select narrow floorboards or broad floorboards for room or office. This feeling is understandable. At times the conflict might be on what length of wood to be used. Should it be short or long? Narrow board woods give your room or office a more traditional look than woods that are broader in size.

When your room or office is big and large, it is advisable that you make use of woods with thinner, shorter strips with a wider longboard to make the flooring finish less exhausting and straining.You can use a mini lathe to give a clean finishing to the woord surface if you are doing it yourself. .

The Colors and Design You Are Contemplating on Using

Immediately you have decided on the type of wood that would suit your room or office size and scope, the next thing you should consider is how to select the type of wood that will match perfectly with the color of your room or office. At times you might even decide to change the room décor and color completely to suit that of the wood you are considering for the flooring of your home or workplace. Whatever the case may be, ensure the color of the wood complement your home or workplace and not dominate it. The wood décor (the flooring and planking style) should be in alliance with your decorating taste or style.


Your Room Lighting and Trafficking

When selecting woods for flooring, it is crucial you take conscious note of your room’s or office lighting and Traffic. Choose a wooden material with quality that meets or beats the contemplated traffic of your room or office. Choosing the wood pattern that equates with your home or office natural traffic flow is essential. Be assured that your room’s or office natural and processed lighting will tell on your floor outlook. It is essential you select the wooden material that its lighting complements your home lighting for the flooring. A space with a light floor and light walls will project the big size of such space while a space with darker floors and wall will ground and make the space warmth and comfy.

The Type of Wood You Desire

Questions like should the wood be oiled or lacquered? Might pop up when selecting woods for flooring. However, here is what you need to know about both types of wood.  A lacquered wooden surface will reflect more lighting than the oiled surface wood except the wood is treated with ultra matt lacquer. Using an ultra matt lacquered surfaced wood will only make your flooring look as if it made with natural and recently sawn wood. To avoid this, you can use a satin lacquer timber for your flooring because it is less coarse.

The Floor Design That Best Suit Where You Intend to Floor

The strip design of your floor is affected by the size of your intended room or office to the floor and the width and length of your wood planks. During the purchasing of the woods, buy woods with one or two strips for the flooring of a large room and woods with three strips for the flooring of a small room. Wider and longer wooden planks are recommended for the flooring of a larger space. Although there are exceptions to the designs. You might also want to consider using either a cool, calm and clean floor design or a rustic but rich in patina, knots and crack design. Any of these designs are good depending on your taste.


This article has opened your eyes to some of the factors to consider when selecting the right wood for your wood flooring. Choosing woods to floor your room or office wouldn’t be a difficult and demanding task if you apply these strategies when selecting the woods for your floors.

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