The days are gone when work was only done from an office. Now, due to the presence of digital sources and the internet, employees can work from anywhere, home as well. In addition, people who are into freelancing or just started a small business usually work from their home only.

The concept of home office originated from the need for a more professional environment at home. Yes, we become less disciplined if we don’t get that professional vibe at the place of our work.

So, not having a home office for people who work from home can really hamper their productivity and overall performance. The best part of having a home office is that you can design it according to your own will!

That’s why you must look for the awesome home office designing ideas if you are planning to create your working space in your home. Designing your home office by following these ideas will boost your productivity! So, let’s have a look:

Try a Minimalistic Design:

If you have less space in your home for setting up your office, then you can choose a minimalistic design. These designs are simple yet effective. Minimalistic spaces also provide a classic feel; that’s why they are in trend nowadays.

For a minimalistic design, you just need a clutter-free desk and one or two reclaimed wood chairs. Keep the colour palette neutral and see how the whole setting will inspire productivity. You can buy minimal workstations from office workstation manufacturers.

Black it out:

Well, we don’t literally mean that you should black out your home office. But, you can choose a black theme to give it a sleek and sexy look. A black table, a black leather chair and grey-black walls will do the work.

This design should also look amazing with minimal elements; and less clutter. Don’t paint your walls full black as it can cause darkness. So, you can experiment with different shades of black for this home office design.

Free your Spirit with Bohemian Style:

If you find minimalistic or classy designs boring, then you can also design your office more colourfully and creatively. A bohemian style home office will lift your mood and infuse new work energy in you.

Add anything sentimental, that tells a story or which you picked from a different destination while travelling. Decorate the space with colourful rugs, multi-coloured chairs, plants and funky accessories. Style it out in your way! And hey, you can add as many elements as you want to in a Bohemian office design.

Turn your Closet into an Office:

If you live in a tiny apartment, then you may struggle to find a perfect place for creating your home office. Well, in that scenario, try something creative. For example, turn your closet into an office or set up your office in front of your bedroom window.

Utilise any small space. Clean it properly and place small furniture. Add a small table plant and place your laptop along with your notepad. Paint your closet and remove the gates to turn it into a tiny workspace. And your home office is ready!

Make it Industrial:

It’s not necessary that your home office must look like a typical office. Creating something unique, something which doesn’t necessarily look like an office will take your productivity to new heights. If you agree with us, then you can also try an industrial theme.

Buy an aluminium vintage style desk and a stool for this look. Add a plant and chicken wire bookcases to make it look rustic. Colour your walls in a way that they look like wooden walls for the full industrial look.

Try Some Exotic Design:

You can make your home office exciting by designing it in an exotic way. You can try exotic patterns like black and white Zebra motif to bring it that unique feel. You can buy exotic print chairs, rugs and paintings online.

Also, you can add different type of vases, rattan chandeliers and other elements that looks out of the world. Such a setting will boost your performance as you will always feel like spending time at your work desk.

Use Curtains to Conceal Clutter:

Definitely, our home remains messier than our office. You won’t get that professional feel if will set up your work desk in such a messy environment. You can’t also throw everything out just for the sake of creating a productive home office.

The best solution to this problem is curtains. Yes, you can use curtains matching with your home office theme to cover the messy areas of your home office room. You can also put a huge curtain in your bedroom to use half of the room as your home office. In this way, you won’t feel lethargic as the bed will be out of your sight while working.

Make it Bold:

People who want to have a creative home office can also choose a bold design. For this, you just have to colour your walls in some bold bright colours and bring the matching colour furniture for this office area.

Don’t add any other element, just play with colours. Keep it de-cluttered because creative people don’t like the places that are flooded with so many unnecessary details.

A Library cum Office:

People who love reading or who do any type of writing work can transform a corner of their library into the home office. Library already has tables and shelves which can be used to place the laptop. So, all you need is a comfortable work chair.

The best part about it is that you can take short breaks in between your work to jump into the world of books. Doing some leisurely activity like reading amidst work will enhance your productivity.

So, it’s time to give a concrete shape to these ideas. Select any design that you liked and start working on it. Design your home office in a way you want because you own that working place!


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