If you are going hunting, you need to be close to the game. Your body odor makes the game know about your presence. So, effective hunting demands to eliminate your natural body odor. The best way of removing the odor is by using a scent killer. It is such an excellent product that can remove your body odor so that the game cannot detect your position.

Many animals, especially deer, are usually more sensitive and attentive. They can pick up the smell in the breeze. Once they get the scent of you, they aren’t coming close to you. And that’s why using a deer scent during hunting is necessary.

When you are willing to purchase one of the effective and quality deer scents for upcoming hunting, you might get overwhelmed with having plenty of scent killer brands and models. You will have to choose the right one that provides you the most benefits.

So, in this article, we’ve come with such a fantastic product for you, which is the Wildlife Research Scent Killer Gold Spray Combo Pack. We’ve reviewed this best scent killer for deer hunting to show you exactly what you will have in this product.

Review of Wildlife Research Scent Killer Gold Spray Combo Pack

The Wildlife Research Scent Killer is one of the fantastic hunting gears available on the market today. This best deer scent comes with hunt dry technology so that you can use it in both wet and dry conditions. It is also scientifically formulated to last longer even ten days after drying. Besides, this hunting assistant has some excellent features that can increase the hunting success rate. So, let’s take a look at them.

High-Quality Ingredient

Wildlife Research Center in the USA produces this high-quality deer scent. In this product, the manufacturer has used the ultra-premium formula. It ensures advanced odor-fighting ingredients to prevent new odors from forming. In short, when you are using this deer scent, your hunting success rate will increase.

Excellent Performance

The deer scent comes with a hunt technology that provides extraordinary performance to the hunters. You only have to let it dry to hunt your game. You can even spray it on your clothing even a week before hunting. Thus, you will be able to hunt plenty of deer. Besides, its performance has been tested at Rutgers University, the state university of New Jersey. But, actual performance in the field of hunting will depend on various hunting conditions.

Easy to Use

The Scent Killer Gold Spray Combo Pack is lightweight and easy to use. It weighs only 3.22 pounds, and that’s why you can put in into your backpack. When you are going to hunt the game, you have to spray on boot bottoms before starting walking. Remember, you have to keep it out of the reach of the children. Also, do not spray on eyes. If the scent contact with eyes, rinse with water immediately.

Perfect Dimensions & Affordable Price

The deer scent ensures a suitable dimension for the deer hunters. The dimension of this product is 3.2 x 5 x 9 inches. Besides, this product comes at a very reasonable price. You can purchase it spending a few bucks.


  • Comes with hunt dry technology
  • Features working on both wet and dry condition
  • Ensures longer lasting odors
  • Provides advanced odor-fighting ingredients
  • Help prevent odor from forming


  • The deer scent may come in a leakage package


Choosing the best scent killer for hunting is a daunting task. Selecting the right deer scent can increase hunting success rate. In this article, we’ve reviewed the Wildlife Research Scent Killer Gold Spray Combo Pack, which has the ability to fulfill your requirements. It is not such a bulky product so that you can carry with you easily. If you are looking for deer scent killer on the market, this deer scent may be the best pick for you. Hopefully, your choice won’t go wrong.

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