Gomovies.sc Review

Video streaming has been the biggest growth area in internet usage. Many consumers have shown tremendous interest in viewing video content and watching movies on-demand. People enjoy the convenience of high resolution and 3D features available.

It is easy to find a long list of free online streaming websites but GoMovies sc, formerly known as 123Movies, has taken the lead and became the most popular. This is because many users have confirmed that the website is safe and free from malware, intrusive pop-ups and malicious ads.

GoMovie is a one of the most fast growing streaming sites that offers free movies and Tv shows and has over one million daily page visits even though the site’s home keeps changing. There are many sites that offer free movie streaming like GoMovies sc but none offer such an impressive homepage with such a user friendly interface.

GoMovie.sc has made watching movies from different genre like action, Sci-Fi, comedy or horror movies and favorite Tv shows so much easier. The site offers such a large collection for free.

Is Gomovies sc Safe?

Most free online streaming sites are considered unsafe due to malicious ads, malware and ransomware. There are numerous fake downloads, which are viruses and it may affect your phone or computer. It is recommended that you always have a strong firewall, a good anti-virus and maybe an ad-blocker.

Sometimes, the Ads are the only source of income for the websites. That is why these websites like GoMovie.sc are free and have HD quality. Sometimes, when using free online streaming websites like GoMovie.sc, apart from an anti-virus and an ad-blocker, you may need a VPN to keep you anonymous.

Gomovies,sc has also the easiest navigation homepage and makes every move super-fast and easy access to the movie of your choice. You won’t need to sign up to an account, so all your personal data is safe, to watch any movie but signing up will give you the chance to request for any movie that you don’t see in their website.

Is GoMovie.sc Legal?

The relative ease of use of pirated video streaming sites makes them a good alternative to file-sharing. Since the site keeps changing its name and the site’s homepage was removed from Google search engine, it’s not hard to conclude that the website and other like it are not operating legally.

Streaming from GoMovies.sc may not be illegal if you are not uploading and downloading any content from the website only up to a certain degree. The websites’ goal is to bring you content as soon as possible and all the new releases fast. As much as most of the movies and Tv shows are high resolution, new released movies are mostly in cam rips. That means poor quality and illegal to download, that means they are operating illegally.

The content creators lose a lot of money and intellectual property and that is why the legal authorities prosecute the owner of the websites but not you as the user.

Free online streaming sites are not illegal in third world countries because of lenient or poor copyright laws and piracy laws. In most developed countries, it’s illegal and if you would like to watch the free online movies, you can watch by using a VPN which makes you anonymous.

Due to the changing of its servers and website name, officially GoMovies does not have an app. Android play store and app store do not allow websites like this on them because they do not own the content that they have. However, there are fake websites that have the GoMovies name and same kind of features.

Features of Gomovies.sc

GoMovies become popular when 123Movies rebranded itself about 3 months ago. The website has impressive features like;

  • All movies and Tv shows are sorted by country, genre and Top IMDB rating making it easier for you to look for movies.
  • The website has newly released movies and is uploaded and updated regularly.
  • The website’s impressive interface makes it classy and very easy to navigate through it.
  • You don’t need to register in Gomovies,sc to watch any movie or give out any information.
  • If you decide to register on this website, you will get an additional benefit of being able to request movies or TV shows which you prefer and aren’t available on the website
  • GoMovies provides services anywhere in the world and provides the best online movie experience.



Most of the free online streaming sites are not safe to use and that is why before getting to  GoMovies, you should use a malware, VPN and an antivirus on your devices. The ad-blocker can be in place because the website and servers run on advertisement and that is why they provide free movies and Tv shows. Even with all that caution, GoMovies is still a good website to watch all the latest movies and Tv shows for free, whenever.

Free online streaming has gained popularity in the past few years because many people don’t see the need to pay for online content. There are always some cheap alternatives if you want to watch newly released movies and Tv shows like using a USB stick like Roku, Kodi or Firestick and you will be able to stream free unlimited movies and Tv show.

GoMovies keeps on changing its domain name. While it has built a steady user base over the past years, the sites keep changing due to complaints from content creators like Warner Bros. this sometimes makes it harder for users to find the site through Google.

You can also go for licensed online streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime among others, which though they provide impressive quality, they don’t have the latest and newly released movies and Tv show, as we have experience with all of the free online streaming sites like GoMovies. With a monthly paid subscription, you won’t have to worry if you are doing anything illegal. Free online streaming sites may not be there for long as anti-piracy laws are changing every time.

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