Keeping a professional office can be difficult if your desk does not have a filing cabinet. Filing cabinets are very helpful to store and organize your documents at your work or home office. You won’t get frustrated, thinking about where to stack your books, magazines and any other stationery accessories that you will be using.


Filing cabinets are usually defined as space savers. They are the only solution for saving space for your office. If you have a small one, DIY desk with filing cabinet will be your greatest advantage. It can be fitted understanding desk. For you to have a perfect desk, I highly recommend a standing desk kit from Autonomous.


So when making your DIY standing desk, it is important to include filing cabinet. In this post, I’d like to share with you the best way to create a beautiful standing desk that has a filing cabinet. It is very much affordable and won’t even break your bank to have it.


Organizing your filing cabinet

Having a DIY standing desk that has a filing cabinet does not end there. However, an important part is to keep your files organized. Whether it’s for your home or office, does not mean to put your papers into a manila folder and drop it into the folder. The following step by step points below will guide you on how to organize.

  • First of all, purge your  old documents
  • Organize important documents
  • Make your files easy to find
  • Finally, make sure to maintain your organized files.


The material used in a filing cabinet

Wood and metal are the most common types of materials that are used to construct a filing cabinet. And the choice of these materials is based on their cost. They are all strong and durable. If you are not that handy on making your own drawers or a filing cabinet, you can go for ready-made filing cabinet available at Autonomous. It fits perfect to a quality frame of standing desk also found at Autonomous. What I liked the most with that filing cabinet is that it is adjustable. Furthermore, it has 4 wheels which make it easier to move to any place where you would like to put your desk.


purchasing a filing cabinet is a good choice. Likewise, having standing desk kit from Autonomous is a must for your high quality and professional DIY desk. However, if you can make your own filing cabinet, wood is ideal. This is because wood is very affordable and easy to cut. The most vital thing is to select a hardwood which is strong enough to withstand the weight of items that will be stacked inside drawers. Plywood will be the best type of wood for that project.


Waterproof cabinet

Poor cabinets or top of the desk absorbs everything that has spilled or dropped on it. So it is pivotal to have waterproofed desk. Waterproof protect your desk against excessive wear and also provides excellent cleanability. Waterproofed desks usually last for a long time. In the case of natural disasters, or mold and mildew, your desk will be totally protected. Even your documents won’t be damaged.


Colour plays an important role in every workplace. It has the power to swing your thoughts, change your moods and even soothe or irritate your eyes. When buying a filing cabinet, you should select the best color that can match the top of the desk and surroundings. Also if you have made your filing cabinet out of wood with standing desk kit from Autonomous, make sure to apply paint to the drawers. For painting your DIY desk, you should use quality paint that can not wipe away.



Designing your desk is very easy especially if you have a filing cabinet. Most of the time we see beautiful DIY standing desks with filing cabinets. The way your desk designed means a lot to your workplace. Actually, if it is well designed your office will look representable. When we are talking about the design of a desk, they are many things involved. It includes the way that you will fit your filing cabinet under a standing desk, how actually the body of filing cabinet designed, and the position where your desk inserted. Furthermore, some cabinet filings are designed to fit a large space while others come in 2 to 4 pieces. So the way that you will insert them under the desk will give a new look.

Size of filing cabinet plus drawers

It is important that the size of the filing cabinet fits properly under a desk. However, if you have a frame from Autonomous, you won’t be worried about the size because it is adjustable. In fact, the entire standing desk kit from Autonomous has the best sizes. Furthermore, if you are looking for that essential filing cabinet, look no further than the Smartdesk file cabinet. It can accommodate all your files. The drawers run smoothly on the metal glides.


When you have constructed your own drawers, selecting the best handles is a must. Your desk won’t look nice with missing handles. That is why it is important to buy excellent quality handles which are sturdy. The handles are not even expensive. Also when buying handles, select the ones that are easy to install.

In conclusion, DIY standing desk with filing cabinet is the best to have it in your office. It is ideal for business or personal use. It is also expressed as an all in one desk which saves a lot of time and space. You won’t be worried anymore on where to stake your books that always turn the top of your desk to be the untidy area. Only needed to make an affordable and beautiful DIY desk that you will be proud of is to buy a standing desk kit from Autonomous. And you will be glad you did it. I hope this post has helped and given you some tips for how to make your unique DIY desk with filing cabinet.

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