High water pressure is what most of us search in a shower head while buying one.Who doesn’t love the raging surge of water hitting up on skin, making you forget all the worldly things for some time and plainly enjoy the refreshment? And the same way, it gets quite annoying when the pressure is not good, and the drizzles don’t impress you. Dripping water from clogged shower heads will feel like a total killjoy. Since you have stumbled on here this may be because you or someone you know is facing low water pressure problem, and want to solve this with the shower head. Can a shower head increase water pressure? It most certainly can, and I’ll tell you how.

Can a Shower Head Increase Water Pressure?

As you know that a shower head can increase water pressure, you now want to know how they do it? Before taking measurements on increasing the water pressure, you may want to check the current pressure, you can google the method on how to do it.If you live in California or other drought ridden places, there is a strict law on water pressure, higher than the standard pressure of 1.5 GPM is not allowed there.There are two possible solutions to treat low water pressure.

  1. Replacing the water restricted shower head with a new one.
  2. Mending the low water pressured shower head.

Changing the Shower Head

If you’re using a high pressure shower head that provides lower flow of water than you need, then maybe it is time to replace it with a high pressure one.Mostly those with shower filter or water restricting device provide lower water pressure. There are many shower head brands available in the markets that are specially made while keeping the high-water pressure in mind.

Adjusting the Shower Head

Depending on your shower head there are multiple ways to increase the force of water. All the methods may not be compatible with every shower head. So, search for the suitable one, and get your shower head working the way you want.

  • Cleaning the minerals that clogs the holes of the shower head is the most natural and popular idea to increase the water pressure. Because sometimes you do buy a high-pressure shower head but overtime it gets clogged resulting in reduced water pressure. Cleaning the shower head regularly will get you rid of this problem. Unscrew the best high-pressure shower-head and dip it into vinegar for a night. Use a toothpick to declog the holes, wash it thoroughly with clean water, plug the head back in and you should be able to notice the difference in water pressure, if the low water pressure was caused by dirt.

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