Your living room is one room where you will be spending most of your time (hence, the name). It is the place which most of your guests will get to see that is why; you have to pay extra attention to its decor. If you are still confused, don’t be, because this article will give you all the information that you need.


  • Rugs


Rugs can save a room from being a total disaster. Carpets are too mainstream. Meanwhile, rugs add a sense of modernity. If you want to add a rug to your living room, we would recommend a Moroccan shag rug. It is elegant, beautiful, and your eyes will never get tired of watching it.

Buy a rug according to the size of your room. If your room is big, go for a bigger rug so that it goes well with your space. A larger rug would be a little expensive, but trust me; it is a better option.



  • Fill the Space with Lights


If a room has good lighting, it will make everything appear more eye-catching. When it comes to lighting, nothing beats natural lights. Using natural light for your home décor is a splendid idea. If you want a more open and comprehensive look, an all-white theme will be appropriate. Other colors will start looking boring over time, but not white. It will also enhance the brightness of the room.

You can invest in contemporary furniture pieces as well. It will complete the rest of your living room’s look.


  • Nature Inspired Room


Nature can have magical effects. When it is brought inside the house, it can instantly lighten up your mood and create an air of calmness. With nature inside your home, you would not need anything else. No need to install those fancy lights or expensive wall designs when you can simply take inspiration from nature!

Natural wall paint will look amazing with a wooden ceiling. Add a touch of green to your room with the shades of brown as well. A natural theme will always look better than any other!


  • A Minimalist Approach


While you give your room a makeover, you need to keep minimal furniture. No one likes an overcrowded room. A lot of furniture will not make your room more beautiful but packed (which is the opposite of breezy).

Add a sense of order to your room. Your furniture should be minimal and let your accessories do the talking. Go for a designer inspired wallpaper to make the room look even chicer. For example, go for monochrome wallpaper that has black and white stripes. It is something that will never get old.


  • Mirrors


A mirror can make your space appear bigger than it actually is. It can brighten up the area because it reflects the light. There are plenty of ideas for adding mirrors in your room. You can add floor length mirrors, or you can get large circular mirrors for every alternate wall.

Make your living room breezy today by following these simple yet amazing tips! Happy Decorating!


About the Author:

Julie Hilton is a young woman who loves interior designing and home decor. She is passionate about fashion-forward home décor ideas as well as ‘pop of color’ art and visionary designs. You can read her blogs at

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