Wrenches had seen a lot of revolution over the years. And now, we’ve been lucky enough to have digitalized version of them. And they are named as Digital torque wrenches.


But up in the market, there are dozens of brands, and choosing the right one can be a tough game. So, prepare yourself with the 4 top brands and their top models.


Hopefully, they’ll enlighten you up to make the right choice of digital torque wrench

Top 4 Digital Torque Wrench Brands 2019

Snap-on digital torque wrench

Snap-on is designing and developing professional grade automotive, marine, aviation, and railroad tools for years. With around 100 years of heritage, they’ve come up with a few sub-brands under their hood. Blue-point is one example of it.

Snap-on has its production going on in several states across America. And different states are in charge of varying product line ups. As an example, the wheel balancers are tired are produced in Conway, where torque products are manufactured in California. But near around 60% of the products are manufactured in Shanghai Manufacturing city by Bacho Corporation.

Snap-on produces several torque wrenches, and it’s hard to describe them all at once. But the most significant features that we’ve found in snap-on digital torque wrenches are-

20-1500 ft-lb capacity.

Calibrated arm with ½” to 20″ size variation.

Click-enabled torque wrench.

Flexible head control.


Being blended with these features and many more features, Snap-on has several popular digital torque wrenches in the market. Let’s have a look at some of these-

Snap-On 1/2″ Drive TechAngle Electronic Torque Wrench.

Snap-On 1/2″ Drive Yellow Flex-Head TQ-Series Torque Wrench

Snap-On 1/2″ Drive 30-150 ft lb Torque Wrench


Craftsman digital torque wrench

Craftsman is one of the most iconic tools and workwear manufacturer in the USA. The brand is owned initially by sears and later moved under the hood of Stanley Black & Decker.

While the brand was under Sears, the products were not manufactured in the USA. So, Craftsman has a few products of their own which were sold without the brand label of sears. A lot of changes took place in the production panel of the brand though.

Right now, they are producing hardline mechanical hand tools (wrenches, ratchets, and sockets) and power tool as well. And when it comes to Craftsman digital torque wrenches, we get to a luxurious product line indeed.

Here are some quick specifications of what you can see in Craftsman digital torque wrenches-

Both drive size of 1/2inches and 3/8inches.

Ergonomic handle with smart head design.

LED backlit screen to show up the measurements.

Can measure 20-300 pounds with ease.

An accurate digi-click method where every turn counts.

Unit conversion for the torque with a press of the button.


The features as mentioned earlier are more or less in every digital torque wrenches that Craftsman produces. But when it comes to individual models, many specs have their variations.

Here is a list of some of the popular Craftsman digital torque wrenches-

Craftsman 1/2″ Drive Digi-Click Torque Wrench

Craftsman 3/8″ Drive Micro-Clicker Torque Wrench

Craftsman 3/8″ Drive Digi-Click Torque Wrench

Craftsman 3/8″ Drive Micro-Clicker Torque Wrench


Husky digital torque wrench

Husky is a house band of Home Depot, who has to build a wide array of hand tools, pneumatic tools, and tool storage kits. From the product line, they produce their hand tools from other renowned brands like Black & Decker, Apex Tools Group, Western Forge, etc.


Formerly, Husky tools were manufactured in the USA, but with the tool manufacturing revolution in China, the production shifted there from the USA. Apart from China, Husky tools are also manufactured in Taiwan.

With a brand slogan of ‘The toughest name in tools,’ Husky had already proved its worth. And the digital torque wrenches are just a glimpse of their brand excellence. Some of the selling points of these digital torque wrenches are-

40-80 pounds in capacity.

A good accuracy score, around 4%.

LED screen with backlit.

Protective and solid design.

ANSI standard, oil-resistant grip.


That being said, there are not too many digital torque wrenches in the market that we can choose from. The few that are already there are quite good, however. Here is a list-

Husky 5-80 ft. Lbs. 3/8 in. Drive Digital Display Click Torque Wrench

Husky 20-100 ft. Lbs. 3/8″ Drive Torque Wrench

Husky 1/4 Drive Torque Wrench 40-200 In.lb


Kobalt digital torque wrench

For anyone who’s up to handymanship or DIY-ship, Kobalt is a well-known brand. They have a luxurious line of hand tools, mechanic tools, power tools, and tool storage products. The owner of Kobalt Tools is American Home Improvement Chain Lowe’s. In Australia, they have got collaboration with Masters Home Improvement.

One of the most convenient tools from their wide range of air tools, mechanic tools, and power tools, a digital torque wrench is one significant one. Here are some notable features of Kobalt digital torque wrenches-

Comes with quite a reasonable accuracy rate, which is +/-3%.

In terms of auditory and visual signals, they’re quite advanced.

Excellent load capacity with durable structure.


Here are some of the reputed torque wrenches from the inventory of Kobalt-

Kobalt 1/2-in Drive Programmable Electronic Torque Wrench

Kobalt 3/8-in Drive Programmable Electronic Torque Wrench

Kobalt 5-100ft/lb Digital Torque-Angle Wrench

Kobalt 856839 1/2-Inch Drive 12.5-250 Foot-Pound Programmable Wrench.


Bottom Line

Choosing the right digital torque wrench comes with several buying factors. And choosing the right brand is one of them. If you stick to the 4 top brands of this list, that part of your buying analysis might be taken care of.

Best of luck!

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