123MoviesHub Review

As most people are ditching cable, streaming sites are all in rage. With the almost instant streaming and Netflix kind of style interfaces, these sites provide instant fix impatient viewers long for. Watching movies online has become one of the most popular uses of the internet.

123movieshub  is a website that offers free movies and television shows streaming. With thousands of movies and television shows available for free streaming and download, it is one of the largest sites of its kind. It provides users with a wide range of titles including new releases.

How Does 123Movie Hub Work?

123Movies typically inserts popular shows and movies from cyberlockers around the web allowing them to host content from Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, or DVD ripped content directly from piracy sites.

You don’t need to register or log in before using 123movieshub and it has a wide selection of moves available for free. Due to the variety of content, 123movieshub has become one of the largest movie streaming sites online. It also does not host any of its content.

Apart from streaming movies or your favorite shows, the site offers a choice on downloading then watch them offline. This choice is preferred by many users. Also, you can easily choose any resolution you would like to enjoy your movie or show. You only need a good internet connection.

123Movies App

It is important that you exercise caution before downloading apps. With the increase of proliferation of fake apps and malware, you need first to research the app you want to download and only download legitimate apps.

If you own a Roku, you might want to download the app to find out if you can stream movies right to your phone, Tv or tablet. With a little browsing, you will find multiple pages dedicated to the 123MoviesHub App. Take caution always.

Even if you don’t mind if the movies on the site are primarily illegal, using the browser is safer. There are numerous fake downloads, which are viruses and it may affect your phone. You are better off skipping the download. Not all versions are legit and you may install  malware or ransomware into your phone. There are many reports on clone sites which are similar to 123Movies and the distribution of malware.

If you are using your computer, make sure that you have protected your computer with a firewall and good anti-virus software. Most of the time, 123Movies has shown to have viruses and malware, especially through JavaScript.

123movie hub on Content

While the site has free movies and shows, it is surprising that the site does not appear to have any pirated material. 123Movie websites seem to host content and none of them allow user-uploaded content. This makes a little difference in the eyes of the law in the Western world.

Even though websites like 123movie hub rarely operate in the Western world, they are still considered to be facilitating piracy. The websites are most popular in countries where the copyright laws or anti-piracy laws are not strong or are not up to date as the 3rd world countries. These countries may not view pirated content as harshly as counties in the Western world.

This does not protect you from liability when you knowingly watch or download a pirated HD movie online.

Features of 123MoviesHub

There is a reason why 123movie hub has over 93 million users. Here are some of the best features;

  • You are able to pick any desired genre of movie or television show without a hassle through this 123Movies website.
  • The website shows a wide range of suggestions with a lot of new releases and oldies.
  • The website’s content is from every many countries, not just Hollywood.
  • On 123Movies homepage, the tabs are just at the top of everything. It is so quick to find what you need.
  • You can stream content in high resolution if you want. It just depends on your internet connection.
  • You can download the movie you like and watch online whenever you want.

Is 123MoviesHub legal?

123MoviesHub operating under 123MovieHub, GoMovies, and others was among the list of the notorious websites published by the Motion Picture Association of America, a United States association that represents the six major Hollywood studios, in March 2017.  123Movies was listed as the most popular illegal online streaming movie site in the world. The association published that 123Movies was hosted in Vietnam and they are working with the local government, to try and take the streaming site offline. The MPAA estimates that 123movie hub sees over 98 million visitors per month, which is very high for an illegal streaming site.

In March 2017, US Ambassador to Vietnam urged the local government to criminally prosecute the people behind the 123Movies. By the end of March 19, 2018, 123Movies announced its surprising shutdown in five days. And when the timer ran out, so did the site and it remains down to this day.

No matter what the Motion Picture Association of America says, the 123Movies doesn’t seem to take anything or everything offline. Most of the networks are still up and readily available, some with multiple servers and URLs. This does not mean they are safe. It is likely that some of the sites will go offline soon.


Many of the free online streaming sites are not safe to use. 123MoviesHub and sites like it are all handling pirated movies. While anyone can choose to watch the movies on the sites, it is important to know that they are illegal.

Netflix and Amazon Prime are legit movies streaming sites and relatively affordable and while signing, you get a 30-day free trial. The easiest and quick way to know an illegal online movie streaming site, if it features cam rips, its pirated. However, these legal streaming sites don’t have new releases or some of the movies you would like to watch.

Many sites will go offline because of the Motion Picture Association of America as they continue to publish new sites and that could be problematic for the user of sites like 123Movies and GoMovies.

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